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Does this infographic show that masks increased the transmission of COVID-19 in Los Angeles County?

As the title says, my father alleges that this graph shows that masks have increased COVID-19 rates. Does the graph prove this relationship, or is this just a faulty correlation?
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Is there a relationship between vaccine openness and education levels?

I am looking for a reference about the link between vaccine openness and education levels beyond COVID-19. I found a paper Robertson 2021 that mentioned the link between vaccine openness and education ...
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Has a correlation between sleep apnea and grinding of teeth been identified or ruled out?

Disclaimer: I have no formal education in any medical field. Jaw position has been demonstrated to be a modulating factor in sleep apnea. Has any investigation been conducted to consider the possible ...
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Empirically, do people who exercise less/more actually eat less/more, (and if so, to what degree)?

I am looking for the answer to what I think is a very basic question that people must have looked at: empirically, to what degree does food intake actually correlate with exercise, (especially in the ...
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Is there a link between fibromyalgia and sugar intake?

I've seen 2 women suffering from a fibromyalgic syndrome who tried to drastically suppress all sugar in their diet. The pain went from 7/10 to 3/10. After some reviews on forums I found other cases ...
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Dystonic Reaction and acute kidney failure

Dystonic reactions seem to be a common reaction on a lot of the antipsychotic drugs. Also kidney failure. Are these issues related in any way?
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Relation between phlegm and hair loss [closed]

I know hair loss can be created by many reasons such as genetic, air pollution and so forth. But, I want to know whether there is a relationship between hair loss and removing phlegm from throat ...
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Is there a direct correlation between high testosterone level and weak immune system?

I tried googling it, the only credible link I found is this: Can someone ...
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Platelet Rich Plasma Injections

After receiving 6 PRP injections in both knees, I have now been diagnosed with Myleofibrosis! Is there any evidence of the associated link?
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Correlation between blood pressure and cardiac output in the elderly

Why does blood pressure have little correlation with cardiac output in the elderly? (Source ATLS student course manual)
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Is vigilance correlated to intelligence?

I found this study but it was about 'at-risk' children, and spoke of vigilance as something to do with paying attention. I'm thinking of ...
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Why do people infected with rabies have a fear of water?

Hydrophobia comes to mind when thinking of individuals infected by rabies... But is there a scientific/medical explanation as to why rabies, specifically, causes a fear to water, specifically? Is it ...
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Is one more susceptible to chronic pancreatitis if one's pancreas hemorrhaged during a single inexplicable acute pancreatitis event? [closed]

Is one more susceptible to chronic pancreatitis if one's pancreas hemorrhaged during a single inexplicable acute pancreatitis event? About 9 years ago, I suffered from acute pancreatitis, and somehow ...
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