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Questions tagged [cooking]

Questions pertaining to the practice or skill of preparing food by combining, mixing, and heating ingredients

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What is the health danger of frying past a smoking point?

What are the health risks of cooking/frying with healthy oils past their smoke point? I've heard that the oil is decomposed and toxin are formed. How does that affect our health when we eat fried ...
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Can consuming food that was cooked with olive oil have a negative impact on health?

Olive oil is often presented as a healthy alternative to other oils for cooking. The problem is, depending who you ask, it sometimes is presented as something to avoid, toxic, dangerous. For example, ...
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How exactly is whole-wheat flour healthier than white flour?

I've read the question about Why is White flour unhealthy. It seems like raw/bleached/white flour is just the endosperm component, but that whole-wheat flour contains the endosperm along with the ...
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Does cooking food prevent the body from efficiently absorbing minerals?

It is true that we absorb minerals from cooked food less efficiently, because the membranes of our cells are made up mostly of hydrogen ions, therefore cooking food lose its anionic charge and it ...
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Can aluminum in pots with aluminum encapsulated base leak into food?

Looking around as I am shopping for stainless steel pots (e.g. for boiling soup), the majority of them have aluminum encapsulated base (for better heat distribution, etc). Is there any concern ...
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Olive oil versus sunflower oil

I wondered what was the best for the health. In general but also, I noticed that my sunflower oil indicates on its bottle that it shouldn't be cooked over 175 C°, what happens if we do (by mistake ...
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Nutritional difference between uncooked and cooked sesame oil?

I like adding uncooked sesame oil in some of my salad dressings, but am now worried of the potential negative health implications of consuming uncooked sesame oil, as I've only ever seen it used by ...
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Is canola oil good or bad as compared to other cooking oils?

Recently (Dec 2017), it came out in Nature magazine that chronic use of canola oil can lead to memory impairments and even Alzheimer's. So far I had been reading mostly good things about it, also ...
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What is the current standpoint on cooking with olive oil?

Usually I make dishes by adding a tablespoon of olive oil to the meat or vegetables and just have them for some time on a teflon pan. I know that frying is done on high temperatures and results in ...
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Effect of Long Pressure Cooking on Essential Nutrients

My dietary staple is currently a soup made from meat, bone, and assorted vegetables pressure cooked for two hours at 15 psi (at the boiling point of about 250° F). I consume it in its entirety, ...
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How do you calculate the nutrients of the oils food is cooked in? [closed]

Periodically, I record my food intake. Over the years, I've tried to hone my methods for capturing the most accurate data possible, but since I don't have my own lab, I am forced to rely on data that ...
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Which oil is healthiest for frying?

It's common to put a small amount of oil in the pan when frying, such as with a stir fry. But different oils have different qualities, so what would be the best choice for pan frying? I assume that ...
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Level of interaction of ginger tea/ginger powder and aspirin

It seems that there is some interaction between ginger and aspirin from what I read online. Here is an example: Ginger may interact with prescription and over-the-counter medicines. If you take any ...
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What is the evidence for the health effects of frying with olive oil

There are those who say that consuming food cooked with olive oil (in which olive oil is exposed to high heat) takes away the health benefits or even is detrimental to the health. What is the evidence ...
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