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Questions tagged [cooking]

Questions pertaining to the practice or skill of preparing food by combining, mixing, and heating ingredients

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Nutritional difference between uncooked and cooked sesame oil?

I like adding uncooked sesame oil in some of my salad dressings, but am now worried of the potential negative health implications of consuming uncooked sesame oil, as I've only ever seen it used by ...
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What is the current standpoint on cooking with olive oil?

Usually I make dishes by adding a tablespoon of olive oil to the meat or vegetables and just have them for some time on a teflon pan. I know that frying is done on high temperatures and results in ...
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Effect of Long Pressure Cooking on Essential Nutrients

My dietary staple is currently a soup made from meat, bone, and assorted vegetables pressure cooked for two hours at 15 psi (at the boiling point of about 250° F). I consume it in its entirety, ...
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Level of interaction of ginger tea/ginger powder and aspirin

It seems that there is some interaction between ginger and aspirin from what I read online. Here is an example: Ginger may interact with prescription and over-the-counter medicines. If you take any ...
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What is the evidence for the health effects of frying with olive oil

There are those who say that consuming food cooked with olive oil (in which olive oil is exposed to high heat) takes away the health benefits or even is detrimental to the health. What is the evidence ...
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