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How long should I quarantine items contaminated with the HSV-1 Virus (Cold Sore)?

I wanted to know how long does the HSV-1 virus lasts on, say, a tube of lip-balm? The reason I ask is I believe I gave myself a new cold sore by using a tube of lip balm that I had last used when I ...
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Transmission of helicobacter pylori

I used spoon of my friend who had h pylori infection. Can it infect me. I shared her ice cream with the spoon that she was using.
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Can I continue to eat a cereal my cat ate out of?

So this morning I eating cereal (lucky charms) and the batteries to my remote were running low so I went to go change them, leaving my cereal in my room. When I came back my kitten around 3 or 4 ...
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Water filter (expired)

In public places, including public library, free drinking water systems are normally provided for public. Not all water filter system has water filter indicator light to let everyone knows when the ...
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Do preservatives spoil?

I once heard that a problem with common food preservatives in the US is that they tend to spoil once exposed to oxygen and left at room temperature, leading to the instruction "refrigerate after ...
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How to clean a dental pick which has not been used in a long time?

I have a dental pick that has been lying around for a couple years which I haven't used. It has been on the floor and lying around nooks and crannies of drawers that haven't been really clean. I ...
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Would a paper towel cause a specimen to be flagged as "adulterated"

A colleague recently took a urine drug test for a new position they accepted. Once they (colleague) concluded the test, they used a paper towel (i would imagine a run of the mill, unstyled white paper ...
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