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Lactulose and dental decay

Lactulose is an osmotic laxative made from the milk sugar lactose. It is non-absorbable in the gut, and so draws water into the gut by osmosis, with the aim of alleviating constipation. I have heard a ...
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Dietary Interactions that cause Constipation

I have been wondering, what are known dietary causes for constipation? Is there a reason that combining Rice and Meat in a meal would cause constipation? Is there some gut reaction that is causing ...
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Effect of laxatives on pre-existing hard stool

I wonder if laxative medicines are able to soften pre-existing hard stool in colon or merely prevent them from being formed. I searched on the internet but found no helpful information. Sorry if the ...
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Why are cooked carrots not recommended during constipation?

There's an unfounded claim that eating cooked carrots worsens constipation, while the constipation is currently ongoing, and that, thus, it is not recommended to eat them at that time. I cannot find ...
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Interested in how these particular supplements work together

I feel there's a lack of information about taking a wide variety of supplements, however, people are increasingly taking a wider variety of supplements. I'm interested in finding out how these ...
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What medications (whether prescription or OTC) or home-remedies are used for stool-softeners or laxatives (to counteract constipation)?

Because I have been dealing with a lot of physical pain, I have been taking a lot of pain medication, which has the common side of effect of constipation. Obviously, this leads to painful defecation ...
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Drink Cold, Warm, or Hot water. Which one is better for constipation?

I want to ask, between cold, warm and hot water, which one is better to drink for relieving constipation? Sources and references please. Regards
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Constipation during cold weather

I'm a Male late twenties living in the tropics. Over the past couple of years I get very bad constipation during the cold season. Drinking more water / fibre doesn't seem to help much. What is the ...
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Does fat help or hinder bowel movements?

I have found sources saying that fat promotes bowel movements Why a High Fiber Diet is Killing Your Colon ( And Why a LOW Fiber Diet Will Help Constipation & IBS) - Modern Health Monk Association ...
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What is a constipation remedy that doesn't give you a headache or raise your blood pressure?

What is a constipation remedy that doesn't give you a headache or raise your blood pressure the way senna, or various salts (magnesium oxide, potassium), or enemas (salts) do?
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Why do Fiber Powders (to relieve Constipation) Emphasize Soluble Fiber rather than Insoluble Fiber

Why do Fiber Powders such as Konsyl, Benefiber, etc list Fiber (usually 5 g per serving), followed by Soluble Fiber (usually 3 to 5 g per serving) According to WebMd insoluble fibers are better for ...
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