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Effects of masturbation on Health

I have heard that there can be adverse effects from masturbation, such as difficulties with having children and/or decreased sex drive. Can masturbating actually decrease my fertility or sex drive?
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How long will it take to show the signs of pregnancy after intercourse

How long will it take to show the signs of pregnancy after having intercourse without using any birth control method? Please assume the couple as fertile. Ex:- Nausea with or without vomiting, ...
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Studies on long-term health impacts of IUDs on children conceived after IUD removal

Have any studies been done on the health outcomes of children conceived after removal of their mothers' IUDs vs. children whose mothers never had IUDs? This study is close to what I'm looking for: ...
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What's the earliest possible ovulation day/ possibly pregnant [closed]

Been trying to conceive for over 2 years. Had my and hubby's hormones and swimmers checked, both normal. I do have a short-ish cycle, 24-26 days. I track every month and usually ovulate between days 8-...
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Awkward: TWINS, but from DIFFERENT DADS? How rare is heteropaternal superfecundation (statistics)?

This is not a Jerry Springer headline -- despite all the sizzling, implicit drama involved -- heteropaternal superfecundation is a fertilization term when a woman is successfully impregnated by ...
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Is the ultimate cause of failure to conceive generally early miscarriage?

Mechanical issues aside, the process of human reproduction involves a very large number of sperm meeting an egg. It would seem then that given conception can either fail before, during, or after the ...
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Maximum time for symptoms of pregnancy to show up? [duplicate]

Just wanted to know what is the maximum possible time for symptoms of pregnancy to show up after having unprotected sex(assume conception occurs)? What I mean is visible symptoms,not something like ...
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