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Why is chickenpox more severe in adults?

I've seen in many medical shows and were even told as a kid that chickenpox is quite severe in adults, and that's why it good to catch it and become immune as a child. I've tried researching the ...
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Cardiovascular complications associated with COVID 19 by vaccination status and, if vaccinated, by type

I apologize if this is an obvious question. I think I am not finding research on this because I am asking the question wrong in literature searches. I am far outside my normal area of academic ...
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What could cause a stroke soon after a lung transplant? Is it even known?

Recently a youtuber died of a thrombotic stroke a week after a lung transplant operation. Skimming over abstracts on Pubmed, it appears that strokes and more generally thrombosis is a frequent ...
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How well can we test for deadly reactions to a drug, like anesthetics for an operation? [closed]

Since I still hear about people dying from adverse effects of anesthesia, prescription drugs, and clinical trials, we obviously don't have a perfect ex vivo test for adverse reactions to arbitrary ...
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Complications and risks for combining multiple procedures [closed]

How do the risks and potential complications change when multiple procedures are performed at the same time? For example both wisdom tooth extraction and LASIK eye surgery have relatively minor risks ...
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