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Can cancer incidence rates, calculated from the general population, be used in primary care?

I calculated incidence rates (IR) for colorectal cancer using an age-period-cohort model. Is it useful for GPs to use such age, gender and anatomical sub-site specific IRs as a baseline risk, during ...
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How quickly does the colon absorb water in rectal hydration?

According to the following article, "infusion at rates of up to 250 - 400 mL/h have been shown to be well tolerated" Does this mean the colon ...
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What is the size of biopsy specimens pinched from normal colon mucosa?

To investigate certain types of inflammation, during a colonoscopy, a doctor might pinch off normal-looking mucosa at a number of locations for subsequent microscopic examination. What is the size of ...
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Colorectal examinations

This question was sparked by this discussion about the sigmoid and rectum. When looking at the colorectal medical examination techniques, for want of a better term, there are the sopical examinations (...
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Should ideal dietary fibre quantities relate to the amount of food one consumes?

Typically advice seems (for the non-medical professional) to state recommended dietary fibre in absolute mass. I wonder if it is more accurate to state recommended dietary fibre in terms of the ...
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Is it possible to get cancer after taking iron supplement of 100mg for 4 days [closed]

I took iron supplements of 100mg ferrous ascorbate for 4 days but since day 3 I experienced black stools and strange pain during bowel movement plus got hemorrhoids so I stopped it immediately after ...
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Can your rectum atrophy after a long time of inactivity?

A colectomy and subsequent ileostomy are surgeries that involve removing the large bowel (colon) and creating an opening in the abdomen for food waste to go through the small intestine and out of the ...
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Best type of specialist who performs colonoscopies

I googled for the best type of specialist who performs colonoscopies and it says gastroenterologist [link 1, link 2]. My questions: Why don't they mention colorectal surgeon? One would think that a ...
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Why do a follow-up colonoscopy?

I had a colonoscopy recently and the doctor removed a polyp. He told me I should get follow-up in six months. I asked him why, since he already determined that it wasn't cancerous and these things ...
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Patients typically sedated during a colonoscopy?

I just had a colonoscopy and I believed they hooked me to an IV and injected a sedative of some sort, but it wasn't really effective as even though I was drowsy, I never went to sleep, and was fully ...
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Methods for dealing with gas pains?

The Internet is full of advice on how to prevent flatulence (e.g. diet changes), but no serious tips on how to get rid of gas once it's set in. Gas trapped in the colon can cause significant pain. ...
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Testing intestinal flora in transverse colon

I have a theory that the transverse colon can be overpopulated with intestinal flora that, when fed sugar, overproduce CO2 and cause bloating/pain specifically in and around the hepatic flexure. Has ...
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How to detect colon cancer?

How can a person get to know that he/she is suffering from colon cancer? What are the symptoms, and how long does it take for them to appear?
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