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What is the purpose of heelpieces?

Why do you need the heelpieces? Why did millions years of evoultion develop so short human heel that we need to extend it with the artificial one? What are the health implications of having shoes ...
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Should synthetic cloth materials be avoided?

There are many articles (example) that warm about latest research on modern synthetic cloth materials such as Acryl, Nylon considered toxic and can lead to cancer. The Chemicals You Wear Every Day… ...
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Wristbands and nausea

Acupressure wristbands are widely sold as a remedy for nausea caused by motion sickness. I have no doubt that they work for some people, because I experience exactly the opposite effect: elasticized ...
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Wearing an underware or not - which makes the hypersensitivity on your glans gone faster?

For an adult male who got an operation on a phimotic penis, the hypersensitivity on the glans would keep tormenting him for a while. But after you finish the period of putting a bandage on your penis,...
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Are there any reasonably-priced technology to measure any part of your body to help cut the pressure garment precisely

I am not sure if this topic belongs here but could not find a more relevant stackexchange site. My kid is receiving a pressure garment treatment to recover from severe burn. However, cutting the ...
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