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Fluid in lungs from pressure during bowel movement? [closed]

One of my relatives is admitted in the hospital because he got infected with COVID. And yesterday, his lungs had fluid in them because he exerted pressure during defecation. How is this possible? ...
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Can COVID-19 be damaging lung without showing fever? [closed]

Given that a man of 39 years without underlying health condition, is having chest discomfort and tightness, which is more discomfort during evening and night before fall asleep. He don't have cold and ...
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What contagious diseases can be diagnosed by x-ray test on chest?

I'm going to work in a pasta manufacturing company/factory. Egyptian law states that I must not catch any contagious diseases to be able to work there. I was asked to do a chest x-ray test. The ...
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Upper Thoracic Pain with Coughing Sensation and Slight Nausea [closed]

What are some possible conditions that can cause the following symptoms? Dull muscular pain between shoulder blades in the center of the back, in the T3-T7 region. Pain is often triggered or made ...
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Treatment Options of Tension Pneumothorax

What I‘ve learned and heard is that if there is an indication of a tension pneumothorax (e.g. rib series fracture with elevated pulse and difficulties in breathing), treatment is always to get two ...
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Why is acid reflux (allegedly) often confused with chest pain?

I get irregular, sharp, short bursts of pain in my chest, on the left side, near my heart. Supposedly, heart and circulatory related pain is neither sharp nor short, so this pain may be muscle or lung-...
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Wide pushups vs narrow - what are the outcomes?

I wonder whats the difference of outcome (in like 6 months) if a person does wide pushups vs narrow ones? Whats the outcome of the size of chest (and triceps), strength etc.
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Chronic hiccups

I have been having real troubles lately with something i named off the top of my head as chronic hiccups. My chest, throat, and neck are hurting because of it. Is this something to get seen for or ...
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How to correct Pectus Excavatum without surgery?

What are the alternative treatments for Pectus Excavatum that aren't surgery. I'm thinking stretching, weight training exercises etc?
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Is opening the chest cavity still considered dangerous to the spread\growth of disease? [closed]

Talking to relatives, it sounds like it was once believed that opening the chest cavity generally caused the spread and growth of diseases such as cancer because of the introduced oxygen into the area....
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