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Is the ability to smell a VOC a good measure for whether a respirator is effective or not?

Respirators are used to filter volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air, such as paint and solvents. Is the threshold for these VOCs damaging you the same as your threshold for being able to ...
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How to link UK BNF code to a chemical code (pubchem ID or CAS Number)?

Is there any way to link a United Kingdom BNF code of drug treatment to some kind of chemical compound ID, such as a PubChem ID or a CAS Number? I've got thousands of BNF codes (with descriptions) ...
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Can I make a Hand sanitiser with Reagent Grade Ethanol 99.8% v/v?

I have ethanol , Reagent Grade 99.8% v/v can i use this to make hand sanitizer ? is it safe for hand skin ? I will be following this guideline from WHO for making the sanitizer << have a look ...
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Is cannabidiol (CBD) really an oil?

Many people talk about CBD oil for medical treatment. I bought some at a dispensary and the label says ingredients: 100% cannabidiol. But is it really an oil? Since the word ends with -ol and the ...
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How dangerous is it to microwave melamine? [closed]

I've just eaten a meal off a melamine plate without knowing it. The food started frozen, so the plate went in the microwave several times in 30-second intervals. I see plenty of sources saying "don't ...
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BPA in reciepts (cashier)

I'm a cashier and handle heaps of receipts every weekday. I found this study:, demonstrating significantly higher levels of urinary free and ...
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Do drugs with the same chemical formula work identically?

As a simple example, H2O molecules are identical, but water can have three different forms (liquid, vapour, ice.) What about more complex matters, like drugs? Can they have different forms which work ...
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What substances are absorbed through skin when pores are open through heat? [closed]

It can go directly in your bloodstream. Most substances are absorbed faster through skin than when ingested(from what I've read) I know apparently Chloride is effectively and quickly absorbed. "...
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Use of fire retardants in fabric

Recently American Airlines employees have complained that new uniforms are making them sick. The only reason I can think for this, is that there must be fire retardant chemicals being sprayed on the ...
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Isolating blood vessels and vasculature of the heart?

Is there a chemical or process that would dissolve or remove all other tissues in an organ (in my case, i would like a heart) and leave all the vasculature and blood vessels intact?
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How does robb(balm) relieve pain?

Most times when I trek for a long time, by the time I get home and rest, my thighs begin to hurt me. Upon experiencing such pain, I apply Robb on it while massaging, after some time I feel some relief....
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Not in the face? Why is this warning on my lotion?

I have a body lotion for dry skin, but it contains a warning not to use it for children below 3 years and not to apply it in the face. I wonder what reason would make it inappropriate for the face ...
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Is it safe to eat fruit with the skin having cleaned it only with water?

For fruits such as peaches and apples, which one might eat with skin, some people argue that water do not wash away some chemicals (i.e. pesticides) that get absorbed by the skin, thus advising to ...
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Any drug in which the withdrawal is fatal and thus requires regular consumption (after the first dose)?

Is there any drug/medicine which once assumed forces you to take regular doses to avoid death? In example a light version of that should be insulin (Probably I'm mistaken, but I've read that taking ...
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Can Aluminium Chlorohydrate in anti prespirants cause breast cancer? [duplicate]

I read an online article about Aluminium being linked to breast cancer. So I did a little research and found some articles claiming there is no solid evidence. Sources-
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What are the health hazards of using laundry detergent to wash dishes?

I've used laundry detergent many times to wash my dish prior to eating. Sometimes I washed the mug with it as well. I was not very cautious about the fact that it was meant to clean only laundry and a ...
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When dettol turns white, what does it indicate

Sometimes when I bathe or clean wounds with dettol, It upon contact turns white almost instantaneously. Does it mean there's some kind of microbes or something ?. If so what causes it it turn white ?
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What are the possible health issues caused by Maggie Noodles? What steps can be taken to minimize the aftereffects? [closed]

Recently Nestle's Maggie Noodles was in news headlines and banned in India. It is said that the food crossed the permitted limits of chemicals such as monosodium glutamate, lead, etc. So what are all ...
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Help identifying possible workplace contaminants

A family member of mine works in a call center, and has been experiencing several symptoms whenever at work: headache slightly, yet measurably elevated body temperature (~37,2 °C) rashes in the ...
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Should I be worried about glyphosate exposure?

There has been a lot of discussion in the media lately about glyphosate (Roundup) and what some see as a huge risk of exposure to a possibly carcinogenic chemical. Some examples: The Real Reason ...
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