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Why does L-DOPA cause hypotension?

L-DOPA is administered in Parkinson's Disease as a prodrug to dopamine which it is converted to in the central nervous system. However Dopamine is used as a vasopressor, and L-DOPA is associated with ...
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Are the surgical site infections "in the brain" caused by same bacteria found in "other parts of the body"?

Are the surgical site infections "in the brain" caused by same bacteria found in "other parts of the body"? There's a blood-brain barrier so, most of the bacteria that infect ...
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Neurotransmitter distribution in the central nervous system (CNS)

I have been glancing through the article Wikipedia (Neurotransmitter) where in particular at the bottom "diseases and disorders" there is some minor information about an example, but I'm actually ...
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Any known values of density $(kgm^-3)$ of white and gray matter in the spinal cord (humans or pigs)? [closed]

Need to know the density of spinal cord tissue to evaluate the shear modulus from ultrasound elastography (shear wave velocity) measurements, but need the density of the tissue to compute this. I ...
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Why am I feeling too weak that can’t stand up after seeing new syllabus before two days of exam? [closed]

My heart rate increasing, hand is shaking, feeling too weak that can’t stand up Why is this happening to me??
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Peripherally active sympatholytics?

Are there any sympatholytics or monoamine depleters that are purely peripherally active? I'm looking for something like prazosin or reserpine that doesn't cross the blood brain barrier.
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Can constant exposure to static electricity affect the nervous system in any way? [closed]

As titled, can holding a constant static charge affect the CNS? If so, is it detrimental? What are the short/long term effects, if any?
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