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Pain relating to Root Canal Treatment

What are the causes of pain during and after root canal therapy?
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How much is green tea really good against tooth decay?

I heard that many times: Green tea is good for cavity protection. For example, it is written on this site (the first one googled): Cavity prevention Because green tea controls bacteria and lowers ...
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What does fluoride toothpaste do to the dentin on the teeth?

I've read articles about how fluoride toothpaste is essential to maintaining a healthy mouth, and how it is beneficial to the enamel. However, I could not find articles/papers regarding the effect of ...
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Eight (wisdom) teeth extraction in Germany

My eight tooth (on the bottom :) ) has made its way through gingiva, and it has grown in the direction of 7th tooth. That makes difficult to clean food remains from the place of contact of 7th and 8th....
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Ways to reverse a cavity before it goes rotten?

I was at the dentist for a checkup today and I was asking about a small black bit in my back tooth. He said it will eventually become a cavity and need a filling but for now it's fine and depending on ...
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Dental Braces : Urgent Advise Needed [closed]

I got braces in January 2017. It is today 12 March 2017 that I got one of the braces detached from tooth (Lower tooth and Second Left tooth with respect to my reference frame). I talked to my ...
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What does cavity look like on X ray?

Can someone tell me how to spot a cavity on this image? What I have found so far is that it is supposed to be darker area. But I have trouble recognizing it in real x ray image.
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Safe to have fluoride in water-system for cavity prevention? Bleach/whiten teeth after or before fluoride treatments?

I grew up in California. As such, I fortunately, have very healthy teeth. I didn't get my first cavity until I was 23 and living in the UK! haha. So is having fluoride in your water-systems a healthy ...
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restoring a live tooth

I just recently have had an amalgam filling fall out from a tooth after it has been in there for at least half my life and now there is a large hole in the tooth. I don't trust dentists because I read ...
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