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5 votes
2 answers

What does "partial pressure" mean in the setting of arterial CO₂?

I am currently learning renal physiology and was just introduced to the concept of partial arterial pressure of CO2, and I am a bit confused. I'll start with what I know and then move on to what I am ...
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Is it possible to survive too high CO2 by also having too high O2 concentration?

Hypothetically, if a person is breathing an atmosphere for a long period of time, that has too much carbon dioxide in it, enough that would normally cause lethally low blood oxygen levels, but the ...
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3 votes
1 answer

CO2 buildup versus O2 depletion

If someone is in a sealed room, the available oxygen will be slowly converted to carbon dioxide. The combined concentration of both gasses will remain constant, their relative concentrations starting ...
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Do oxygen and carbon dioxide move with Brownian motion? And, if so, do they get trapped by N95 masks?

Do oxygen and carbon dioxide move with brownian motion? And, if so, do they get trapped by N95 masks? Health professionals are experts agree: we should be wearing masks all day when in public during ...
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2 votes
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Is it true that we can reduce chemoreceptor sensitivity to carbon dioxide?

I understand the following background: normally, our breathing rate, depth and rhythm are controlled by the brainstem. Other central and peripheral regulatory factors influence our breathing, ...
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What is the lower end of C02 exposure, where negative health effects of not enough C02 start? [closed]

I am trying to optimize my indoor CO2 levels. I bought a monitor, which seems to be fairly accurate: When I air my flat thoroughly, for 30min with fans running, I am able to achieve about 450 ppm ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Carbon Dioxide Poisoning in Everyday Situations

I am wondering whether slight CO2 poisoning (hypercapnia) can be induced by everyday bad behaviour. I am particularly interested in the consequences of The prolonged use of a surgical mask (a.k.a. ...
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Gas from cigarette smoke

If a person walks indoors after smoking, they carry dust with them. But what about the gases from the smoke? Do those stick to the person or persist in the area and continue to pose a threat?
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15 votes
2 answers

Is breathing into a paper bag an effective treatment for panic attacks?

Some sources claim that breathing into a paper bag is a good way to control hyperventilation caused by a panic attack. The theory (I surmise) is that re-breathing CO2 helps to mitigate the respiratory ...
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