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How to keep my brain active and alert in natural always [closed]

Could you please let me know if any foods available to keep our brain active and alert always. Sometimes I loss the common sense also to think on few things. For example pronouncing a word that I ...
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How to improve your short term memory?

When I check online for memory improvement, I mostly come across games. But I am a software developer, and my job is like solving puzzles all the time while debugging the codes for nearly 10 years. ...
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Does photographic (eidetic) memory exist or is it a medical myth?

I was always under the impression that photographic, aka eidetic memory (from the Greek word for "form"), was a genuine, realistic condition. It's referenced in pop-culture a lot. As a child in grade ...
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Natural but scientific ways to improve memory and concentration

There's a lot of websites on internet that claim a number of games, exercises and diets to be actually helpful in this regard but they do not provide any authentic citation. Some of them are ...
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Hyper activeness, simulated at work

When I'm playing games, I become very aware, maybe not the entire time, but definitely hyper. Is there certain things I can do to simulate this at work. I'm definitely motivated, and I wouldn't say ...
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How can I manage the symptom of forgetfulness in a patient with dementia?

I am a caregiver of a dementia patient, who forgets things all the time. I would like to know how to manage this symptom of dementia so I can help the patient. What should I do about this ...
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