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If EPR has better resolving power than NMR, why don't most MRI machines use EPR instead of NMR?

Most MRI machines use NMR imaging instead of EPR imaging even if EPR could provide a better image with more information. What could be the reason of this preference of technique?
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Medical Images and workflow

What is the general workflow involved in managing images such as X-ray, scan etc in a day to day job of a healthcare-technician or a doctor? I am interested to know more about how these images are ...
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How does nuclear/radiation dye improve the quality of my bones' medical-imagery? What is the purpose of a bone scan?

Yesterday, I thought I had went to the hospital for a CT-scan, but apparently my appointment was for a bone-scan (ordered by my orthopedic surgeon, who focuses on ankles). I was redirected to the ...
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