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Building new muscle and effects on blood glucose absorption

Today I came up with the following hypothesis whilst pondering stuff after coming back from the gym. If I build more muscle, my body will have more places to store glucose. Is this hypothesis ...
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Has my history of body building made me permanently stronger? (Despite quitting years ago)

From the age of 16-19, I went to the gym 6 days a week, ate and slept well and was in excellent physical fitness. Now I am 24, haven't worked out in 5 years, and have a terrible sleeping pattern (4-7 ...
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Is the yolk of the egg should not be eaten for bodybuilding?

My friend have suggested that a boiled egg is great rather than fried omelet but yolk should not be consumed as it makes fat.
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Can I drink Weight Gainer after Workout and Whey before bed?

I have this questions in my head and couldn't find the answers in google. So i am 171 cm with a weight of 68. Its Actually quite ideal. But I wanted to grow bigger. I've been using Nitrotech Whey ...
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How to get six packs by doing exercise at home?

I'm a lazy person . But I want to build my body up , without going to the gym . Suggest me some good exercise routine to get those six packs ...