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Blood Types and Transfusions [closed]

In the novel Dracula, Lucy Westenra is given blood transfusions from multiple people with no consideration of blood type. In real life, would she have survived this? Did blood transfusions work ...
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Relation betwwen blood type and diet

Is there any scientific evidence for the relation between the blood type (0, A, B, AB) and digestion? Any correlation with natural food preference or recommended diet? One can read about such "...
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What happens when a Rh+ mother pregnant with Rh- baby?

I know that when a Rh- mother pregnant with Rh+ baby there might be a complication during the pregnancy, if the mother is sensitized to Rh+. However, I have not found out any resource that states what ...
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What happens when you put O+ blood in O- body

What happens when you put O+ blood in a O- body? I know O- can be put in everywhere but what happens, when you put a blood group in a body that would fit the group, but mismatches the rhesus factor. I ...
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Are there any other probabilities for an O blood typed kid other than O & O parents?

I was watching a Ted-Ed video about blood types. It said that an O kid is only possible for O & O parents. I want to make sure of that fact, and to know whether it's related to only and ...
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What approaches can I take to find out my blood type and Rhesus factor?

I need to find out my blood type and Rhesus factor. However, there is no medical necessity for this - it's just to know myself. (as such, I'm aware that medical insurance would likely not cover the ...
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Is O positive male compatible (fertility wise) with AB positive female?

I'm a male with O positive blood type. My girlfriend has AB positive blood type. Are we medically compatible? Do we have good odds of having healthy offspring? Is there anything we should be aware ...
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Revealing a murderer based on a genetic condition

I'm writing a story, in which the detective will recognize a prescription for the victim is for relief of some genetic condition. He then claims that another character was the murderer because she ...
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How can a bone marrow transplant from a donor of a different blood type not get rejected?

As discussed here, one can change their blood type by getting a bone marrow transplant from a donor with a different blood type. Why would the bone marrow not be rejected, as the body's immune ...
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Do fetuses' blood types ever cause Graft versus Host in the mother?

If a mother has type O blood, and a father has type AB, their children will almost certainly have either type A or type B. Considering a mother of type O blood will begin to produce antibodies against ...
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Identical twins have the same DNA and blood-types, right? But different fingerprints? Why is that? Same for clones?

Identical twins have the same DNA and blood-types, right? But different fingerprints? Why do they have different finger-prints? What gene or part of our body signals what our fingerprint will look ...
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Take different blood components from different people

My aunt needs blood urgently, but she happens to be 0- and neither the hospital nor family and friends are able provide this blood type to her. However, I was wondering if it makes sense to take only ...
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What are the implications of having weak A or B blood?

I have a child with weak B blood. I figured out that this means that the B antigen is only weakly expressed: So I understand what this is, but my confusion ...
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Is it possible to change person's blood group?

Is it possible to change person's blood group? I know it is not possible to change person's DNA, so what about blood group?