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Lack of clarity about terms for average glucose in diabetes research literature (MBG, MPG, and AG)

The meaning of “mean plasma glucose (MPG)” is unambiguous, but I’m having an incredibly difficult time making sense of the way the term “mean blood glucose (MBG)” is used in medical research ...
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Why are there different blood sugar measurements?

I've been reading about health and wondering why blood sugar measurements are different. Why do these different sites use different measurements and give different numbers? Examples: Less than 100 ...
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Does A Rapid Drop In Blood Sugar Correspond With A Rapid Drop Of Insulin?

I've done some research on the internet about blood sugar and insulin. It's mentioned that drinking something like a cup of soda (basically sugar water) can cause a rapid spike of blood sugar and ...
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Low Insulin but Normal Blood sugar

What does is mean when fasting Insulin Levels are Very Low (0.7 uU/ml) but Fasting Blood sugar levels are normal 4.2 mmol KD.
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Fasting blood sugar cause and effect relationship with Atrial Fibrillation

NOTE: If there is a better-suited forum for this question, please migrate. There are academic articles on elevated blood sugar's possible impact on the heart muscle lending to a tendency toward atrial ...
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