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Would a SARS-CoV-2 infection disrupt the blood-brain barrier, leaving the brain more vulnerable to drugs taken simultaneously with the infection?

According to some studies[1], there is some evidence that the virus could cross the BBB. Is that is the case, does that mean that it would weaken the barrier allowing potentially neurotoxic drugs to ...
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How does our brain get its Mg when we don't take Mg threonate which is the only form known to increase its levels?

Obviously, if magnesium from foods or other forms of magnesium supplements can't enter our brains, our brains must be low in it before the invention of magnesium threonate. With low brain magnesium, ...
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Does increasing “allergy” histamine affect “wake” histamine? Do both respond to the same triggers?

I understand that histamine is used by the body as part of the immune response, widening blood vessels, etc., to aid the white blood cells in their attack. Often this ends up helping them attack ...
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