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Can you go temporarily blind if you experience 18 Hz vibrations?

The Wikipedia article on the BAC TSR-2 jet states that: Shortly after takeoff on XR219's second flight, vibration from a fuel pump at the resonant frequency of the human eyeball caused the pilot to ...
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Is echolocation common among the blind? Or not so much? How to learn to echolocate?

We know that echolocation is common among the animal kingdom, e.g. bats, dolphins, etc., but I've read it's also possible among humans as well (granted, we are a part of the animal kingdom too). I ...
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Are color-blind and blind individuals able to dream in color?

I know that individuals who have color-blindness or complete blindness, are not able to see as vast an array of colors as most. I do understand that they can distinguish shading (dark vs. light), but ...
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Child with -22 power, is it equal to blindness?

Doctor have advised -22 power glasses for my 3-year old daughter. Does it equal to blindness? Will she behave like a normal child - play, fight and ask for different things (as children do), identify ...
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How many different dialects of sign-language are there? And braille for the blind? Is it a different system for each language?

I know that there are several versions of sign languages out there for the deaf, hearing-impaired, and mute individuals (like we have American Sign Language -- ASL:, which must mean we have other ...
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How does a blind person react to hallucinogenic drugs

I've recently seen a post online stating the question: "What would happen if a blind person tried hallucinogenic drugs." (This entails 5-HT2A antagonists like Lysergic acid and psilocybin, the most ...
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