Questions tagged [bioelectromagnetics]

Questions related to the health effects of the electromagnetic field and its many forms, from radio waves to microwaves and x-ray.

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Is it safe to stand near the microwave oven while it operates? [closed]

My son told me that it's possible to test whether your microwave oven is properly insulated by putting a cell phone into the oven, closing the door, and then calling that phone. We did this, and the ...
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Does EMF radiation, higher than safety limits suggest, cause cancer? [duplicate]

Does EMF(radio and microwave spectrum) radiation cause cancer, and what are the safety limits that WHO or independent scientists suggest? I read this article below; is this true? Most cancer in ...
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Do computer monitors emit electromagnetic radiation that can damage your face?

Disclaimer: I am layman in the field, but I have a legit question to ask, so before closing, please note that I am showing enough "pre-research" and ask clarified question. I used an LCD monitor in ...
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How safe is low frequency radiation in I.T. edge cases? (5G, etc)

Closely Related: 5G Radiation Dangerous? Being inundated with all kinds of 5G health statements, (for & against), I noticed a weird trend - the absence of cumulative radiation studies. Question: ...
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How much electromagnetic radiation applied to skin will cause pain?

Is there any research on how much EM radiation applied to human skin will cause significant pain (I guess an appropriate unit of measurement for the amount of radiation would be Watt/cm^2, not sure ...
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How hazardous is a cellular base station-antenna to our health?

A telephone company is installing a cell tower (cellular base station-antenna) 40 meters from my house (right in front of my house). The first thing I am concerning about is its effect to our health. ...
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Are headphones with EMF measurement of 10,000 milligauss harmful to me?

I used an Electric-Magnetic Field detector app on my phone and measured the EMF output on my wired headphones. It measured around 10,000 milligauss (1mT) on one part of both ear cups. Since wearing ...
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Having a 2.4/5 Ghz wireless router next to us is healthy?

What is the official distance that we need to keep from a 20 dBm wireless router that has 2x2 MiMo 3 dBi antennas? The given router is this: Ex.: can ...
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CT scans and cancer risk

I've had maybe 5 or 6 CT scans over the course of my life, and I'm only 27. What risk do those CTs present to someone like me?
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Real dangers of CT Scan made only once at age of 31

I have zero medical knowledge (only the basic "common" ones) and I would like some opinions from you experts about CT Scan. My girlfriend had a CT scan done some days ago, and since then she's ...
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Dangers of having MRI, CT-scan, & X-ray within a seven day period?

I had a MRI last week for my spine. I got a call today that I'm having a CT-scan tomorrow for my abdomen (unrelated issue). The day after tomorrow, I'm having X-rays done on my teeth at the dentist ...
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Is Wi-Fi harmful to one's health? [closed]

Is Wi-Fi harmful to one's health, so much so that we should live without it? There are different sides to this debate - why should I believe one side more than the other? Indeed, we live with Wi-Fi ...
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Excessive radiation emission by cell phone when call is connected? [closed]

I have an application called Mobile Guard which one of its features is to vibrate when call is connected and by that allowing you to keep the phone away from your ear until the callee answers. The ...
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Is food prepared in a microwave oven less healthy?

There are people who avoid preparing their food in microwave ovens for various health-related reasons. The claims most often stated are: Microwave radiation is harmful. Microwaving destroys vitamins ...
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Effects caused by staying near the mobile network towers

What are the possible consequences and health problems that a person staying very close to mobile signal towers could be subjected to. I have heard that the people who stay very close these towers ...
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Is there any health risk in cellular phones?

Cellular phones are taking ever increasing part in our lives, and I keep hearing people saying they are harmful to our health. Are there any scientific researches so far proving or disproving those ...
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Can MRI scans be dangerous for one's health?

Can MRIs have any deleterious effect on one's health? Or would it be safe to have say 5 MRIs per year?
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