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What benzodiazepine least causes physical dependence?

Benzodiazepines are drugs that cause physical dependence, so much that there is a movement critical to using them. Some benzodiazepines have been labled "short term" such as brotizolam, ...
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Anesthesia without amnesia? [closed]

Usually, people "waking up" from anesthesia appear to be drunk/uninhibited and also have no memory of these events. I understand that this is usually because of drugs like Midazolam or Propofol which ...
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Is the interaction between alcohol and benzodiazepines additive or multiplicative?

There is a common saying that alcohol and benzodiazepines shouldn't be consumed together. Is it because alcohol and benzo have a synergistic effect? Or is it simply because alcohol and benzo are ...
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Clonazepam and pregnancy

What are the risks of my wife taking clonazepam during pregnancy? To be specific, I am looking for recent studies on this, I have done a lot of research and am fairly confused by what I have read.
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What are the effects of long term benzodiazepines use? [closed]

What are the effects of long term benzodiazepines use? I suffer from a devastating anxiety since childhood that progressed to a point where I had a panic attack almost every day. Benzodiazepines (...
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Is there a difference between anti-anxiety and anti-depression drugs?

I've recently come across two terms "Anxiolytic drugs" and "Anti-depressant drugs". I wanted to know how they differ from each other; if they do. I mean, sure, "anxiety" isn't the same as "depression"...
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