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Is it a problem for otherwise healthy humans to take choline and vitamin B12 together?

It was written in the conclusion chapter here: Folate adequacy may increase B12 use for homocysteine metabolism, thus limiting B12 availability for methylmaIonic acid metabolism. Choline use may also ...
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Is vitamin B12 in supplements protected from stomach acid?

To prevent destruction by stomach acid, Vitamin B12 must usually be bound by haptocorrin (R-factor, transcobalamin-1). It would make sense for haptocorrin secretion to be in the ballpark of the ...
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Where can I find a (reasonably) reliable guide on supplements? [closed]

Where can I find a (reasonably) reliable guide on supplements? I found this here not sure if it's any good.
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What ingredients in this list are causing my hands to get warm? (improve circulation to my fingers) [closed]

EDIT: scroll down towards the bottom towards the bottom for my answer. Its thoracic outlet syndrome. If I do certain stretches it goes away. Its an issue related to my bad posture and nerves getting ...
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Brain performance suppliments [closed]

My 27 years old brain lacks concentration and memory, mood to perform daily task is lazy. I used to have a test most of the vitamins are ok except D and B complex Below average a little bit. Which ...
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How to improve your short term memory?

When I check online for memory improvement, I mostly come across games. But I am a software developer, and my job is like solving puzzles all the time while debugging the codes for nearly 10 years. ...
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What is the recommended dosage of 5000 mcg Vitamin B-12

I brought these vitamin B12 capsules from Costco The supplements panel says its okay to take one tablet daily but I am worried since 1 tablet has a whooping 83333% or as much as 833 times the daily ...
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Is It OK to take vitamin tablets every day for long time? [closed]

What is the effect of taking vitamins tablets everyday for a long time? Will that make a person healthier? or harm the kidney? What if a person took them for about three or four months, Can He stop ...
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B12 deficiency and insomnia

I suffer from insomnia. Recently, my treating physician prescribed me vitamin B12 but I don't really understand why and I am wondering whether this is due to my insomnia. So my question is: does ...
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How much Vitamin B12 do you need?

Vitamin B12 is stored over a very long time such that vegans, for example, only get any signs or symptoms of B12 deficiency after a span of years, even though they have hardly any sources of the ...
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