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Cardiopulmonary capacity assessment

Is it possible to determine someone's cardiopulmonary capacity from organ/tissue/blood samples alone? No other clues allowed. Think about a non cooperative patient, who can lie in an anamnesis, or ...
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Are population-related conclusions obtained from autopsy applicable to the general population?

In this paper, it says that "Although the prevalence of pineal cysts in autopsy series has been reported as being between 25% and 40%, MR studies have documented their frequency to range between ...
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Signs of Anoxia?

I’m not 100% sure if this is the right stack, but I’d like an expert opinion for a novel. The antagonist is a serial killer who uses magic circles to remove all hemoglobin from his victims, while ...
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How do coroners/forensic scientists know if an assault occurred during one's life or post-mortem?

I'm interested in forensic science, and continue to be surprised by the breadth of information that can be revealed from a body or other physical/forensic evidence. Warning: Graphic question. I've ...
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Can trauma to a liver with mild fat accumulation result in death?

Autopsy report of a person showed mild accumulation of fat in liver. Q1. Is mild accumulation of fat in liver common? There was evidence of trauma to upper abdominal cavity. Q2. Can mild trauma to ...
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What drugs can keep you awake for long time?

I'm writing a story about someone who's poisoned with a drug which makes him not be able to sleep for several days. In order to make my story as realistic as possible I need to know a couple of things:...
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What percentage of deaths in the U.S. are accompanied by an autopsy?

What percentage of deaths in the US are accompanied by an autopsy? I know that the deceased's relatives must give consent for an autopsy to be performed (if they do not already know the will of the ...
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How is it determined that someone died from "air polution"?

I saw this question on another Stack Exchange site, and wondered, how do they even know that one person in China died from "air pollution"? How do these studies that lump millions of people into ...
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