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How to do laundry to kill and prevent athlete's foot fungus?

As you may know, one of the reasons athletes's foot and jock itch fungus are so hard to kill with OTC medicines like Lotrimin and Lamisil is because after you treat it, it is extremely difficult not ...
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1 answer

What causes smelly feet?

I suffer from smelly feet, which is very annoying particularly because I am in a new relationship. I have tried many OTC/home remedies to prevent this, but this doesn't really help. According to this ...
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Why is Lamisil Once (terbinafine film-forming solution) marketed for athlete's foot, but not for jock itch or ringworm?

Lamisil Once (terbinafine film-forming solution) is an over-the-counter antifungal medication. It's sold only in certain countries, such as Britain and Australia. You apply it once. It starts working ...
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How can I obtain "activated oxygen bleach"? I hear that it can help people to disinfect their laundry.​

Background Another thread discusses how to disinfect laundry. This may be useful if someone in the home has a fungal infection (e.g. athlete's foot) or if it's full of feces or vomit or blood. An ...
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What are the health implications of using ethylene glycol to treat athletes foot (tinea pedis)

I found this article about the treatment of rot in wooden boats, which in the 11th paragraph from the top mentions the use of common ethylene glycol based antifreeze for the treatment of athletes foot ...
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Can pitted keratolysis consist of only one lesion?

Is this an instance of pitted keratolysis? There are no other lesions on the feet. Or is it athlete's foot?
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Orthotic inserts + athletes foot

With athletes foot, it's important to keep the feet dry. However, when wearing sandals, I can't use the "super feet" orthotic inserts that keep my feet from developing pain issues when I walk. I ...
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