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Asymptomatic infections in the Pfizer/BioNTech approval study of Covid-19 vaccine

The usual criticism of the Pfizer / BioNTech approval study for their mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine was that asymptomatic infections could not be detected. But according to the protocol, page 65, regular ...
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What makes a person asymptomatic? How does it work?

As someone who's simply asking out of curiosity, I've tried looking into the topic myself, but often times I run into answers with little or no detail on the subject. Sometimes the question is more ...
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What's the margin of error for the estimate on the percentage of people infected with latent tuberculosis?

According to a 2011 (news) article in Science More than a third of the world's population is estimated to be infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Most people's immune system can keep the ...
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Has there been research to assess an"asymptomatic Novel corona virus 19" how long they are able to infect another person?

Has the viral load in individuals identified as carriers, without manifesting the disease itself been studied for how long they have a viral load present in their system, this is also relevant for ...
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Asymptomatic People

Something I never understood: Does "asymptomatic" mean that someone will never show symptoms whether they catch the disease and therefore, can have without even realizing? Does it mean that they won'...
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Why are most people who contract COVID-19 asymptomatic?

Why are most people who contract COVID-19 asymptomatic? Does it mean that they can fight COVID-19 and recover fast? Does it mean they have a good immune system to fight coronavirus?
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Why is the US not implementing large scale random Covid-19 testing to isolate asymptomatic people? [closed]

For this question, we will define surveillance as large scale random Covid-19 testing. It is my understanding that: surveillance enables the sorting of asymptomatic patients to be immediately ...
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Is it possible to get Covid-19 and have 0 symptoms along the complete journey and hence cure by yourself without knowing?

In this link, in the section How long is it between when a person is exposed to the virus and when they start showing symptoms? mentions Recently published research found that on average, the time ...
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What causes asymptomatic itching with rarely distributed rash?

Preface: I am not a student of medicine or a medical professional by any means. All uses of anatomic and biologic terms come from a general education plus a little hobby-knowledge. Misuses of such ...
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Bifascicular Block In Young Male Asymptomatic Patient

An asymptomatic 25 year old male presents with an ECG pattern of bifasicular conduction block (left anterior hemi-block and right bundle branch block) after experiencing "extra/skipped beats". The ...
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Should chronic low cortisol be treated if the patient has no symptoms?

I discovered I have low cortisol levels (11,35 μg/dL) but I never had any of those symptoms listed here. My mom also has low cortisol levels. I have no HIV, no known auto-immune diseases, I believe I'...
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