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What happens when you accidentally inhale smoke once? [closed]

I usually wear a mask to cover my mouth and nose, because I am very sensitive to pungent smells. But one day I forgot to bring them when going out. I was walking to my flat one day, and was passing by ...
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Can anyone get asthma?

Can anyone get asthma? Or is it something that one is born with? Can the condition ever be "cured", or only symptoms remedied during an attack?
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Are e-cigarettes any good if you have asthma?

I have ashtma. From my experience, smoking kills my lungs. After a few weeks, I simply have to stop, or otherwise I got such bad coughs that I have to puke sometimes. Though, my asthma is not there ...
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How cold can an asthmatic's drinking water be?

For an asthmatic, drinking cold water can apparently trigger (or worsen) an asthma attack. (See here for example.) How cold is cold water for this purpose? I'm trying to find some threshold, between ...
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