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Questions about temporary absence or voluntary cessation of breathing.

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Are there health or sportive benefits (or negatives) of apnea training?

Many people regard apnea achievements as a sport. Apnea training mainly reduces sensitivity to CO2 levels. Is it beneficial except when in cases of voluntary or involuntary air deprivation? Will it ...
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How does apnea trigger the urge to breathe?

I am thinking of writing about Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (UK spelling for apnea) out of interest in the condition (not a medical textbook). During deep sleep, in persons with a narrow airway, the back ...
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Is it true that we can reduce chemoreceptor sensitivity to carbon dioxide?

I understand the following background: normally, our breathing rate, depth and rhythm are controlled by the brainstem. Other central and peripheral regulatory factors influence our breathing, ...
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Need to exhale while holding breath

Recently I tried holding my breath for as long as I could. I managed to hold it for almost 2 minutes, but after a bit more than 1 minute, I already felt a strong need to exhale some of the air. At the ...
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Are all Infants' Aquatic Instincts lost after 7ish months? Can they be maintained if skills are utilized often?

Babies have extraordinary instincts upon their arrival just into this world. It just happens naturally. One of these is of the swimming variety as witnessed in this video Underwater Baby Divers. Who ...
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