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Are betadine mouthwashes really effective against COVID-19?

Recently news have come up that betadine/povidone-iodine mouthwashes should be used for prevention of COVID-19. Betadine is an antiseptic. We use it in our clinic to clean a wound or after minor ...
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How resistant to moist heat is SARS-CoV-2

At one of FB groups I have found the following figure: As the efficiency of disinfection methods has been tested against E. coli, I wonder, how resistant SARS-CoV-2 is? Is it safe to reuse FFP2/3 (...
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Herpes: would prophylaxis H202 3% or alchol 70% decrease risk of infection from exposure?

If someone was to kiss someone else with herpes, would approximately 3% H2O2 or 70% alcohol offer a proven risk reduction immediately after an exposure (within the hour for instance)? I'm looking for ...
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Why are antiseptic creams effective for epistaxis?

How do antiseptic creams work to prevent nosebleed?
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Piece of leftover toenail on big toe, too small to remove

This is my left big toe. When a nail is too long, usually one clips them. Two days ago, I was working on my computer, and instead of clipping it, I was picking at it. Eventually, the part of nail one ...
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Chronic tonsillitis after tonsillectomy

A topic is rather strange right? Tonsillitis is an inflammatory condition of tonsils and there is pretty much nothing after the conventional tonsillectomy. Nevertheless this is what it seems to look ...
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Spirit's tincture from medial spirit (which includes Chlorhexidine)

After a sunny summer I am going to make tincture from fresh fruits with spirit. Rectified spirit is expensive(because of taxes) so I was thinking about buying medical spirit. Medical spirit contains ...
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