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Why are people with certain blood types more/less susceptible to norovirus?

Infection with some types of norovirus appear to be rarer in people with some blood types than in others, see Norwalk Virus Infection and Disease Is Associated with ABO Histo-Blood Group Type, from ...
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Antigen vs PCR test

In the Czech Republic there is now mandatory testing for factory employees. Anecdotally I am now being told by people I am acquainted with, who run medium sized firms here, that their employees are ...
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How do epi-pens work? Are they specific per allergy? Epi-pen for latex allegery exist?

Anaphalactic-shock, from what I understand, is dangerous and terrifying. I'm grateful for whoever invented the use of epi-pens. In attempts to better understand epi-pens so that I may be prepared in ...
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How can an oral antigen help meniere's syndrome?

Can giving a sublingual antigen to a virus (e.g. herpes) whilst concomitantly giving antiviral drugs help with meniere's syndrome? The aim being to encourage the Mucosal Associated Lymphoid Tissue (...
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APC cells - autoreactivity [closed]

How can APC cells become autoreactiv against own antigens if they only have PRR as recognition complexes - and are not under central/peripheral immune tolerance?
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The placebo effect [closed]

Is it possible to eliminate the groups of placebos in all those clinical trials that have a precision medicine nature? Since if it is precision medicine, it is supposed to cure 100% of those affected ...
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