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What pathway triggers loss of appetite resulting from vomiting/nausea?

Some anorexic/bulimic people purposely induce auto vomiting which results in significant periods of no appetite, no food craving, and no hunger. There obviously is a purposeful mechanism in autonomy ...
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What are the food behaviors of anorexic patients?

I'm a medical student reading a book about nutrition and Metabolism. In the description of Anorexia nervosa patients the writer states that She has a preoccupation with, and often a considerable ...
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Anorexia and drinking water

I would like to know whether anorexic people have trouble with drinking water as well or just solid food. Thanks.
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What are the long-term physical effects of anorexia?

Having read about the effects anorexia has on the metabolism, and that that effect seems to go away after half a year, I am wondering, what are the long-term physical effects of anorexia nervosa on ...
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Do the metabolisms of anorexic individuals ever recover?

Following my fascination with what is commonly referred to as 'metabolism,' I realized that I know a few "recovered anorexics" (please let me know if there is a better term), all of whom maintain ...
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