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Is hanging from a bar contraindicated in the case of a shoulder dislocation history with labrum damage?

I have just found a book by John Kirsch "Shoulder Pain? The Solution & Prevention" (see also here and here) which promotes hanging form a bar with extended arms ("dead hang") as (partial) ...
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Why is the Virchow node involved in Gastric Adeonocarcinoma?

The lymph node drainage of the stomach is via the pyloric and related lymph nodes. Either way, the supraclavicular node (Virchow's node) is not the first lymph node that drains the Stomach. According ...
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What is the perineal sponge (female anatomy)?

In particular, what embryonic structure does the perineal sponge develop from and what male structure is it homologous to? Oh, and does it even exist at all? Because the data/mentions in the ...
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Question about nerves and their roots

I am new to anatomy and medical sciences in general. The other day, I was studying the stages of the brachial plexus (the roots, divisions, trunks, cords, branches, terminations and so forth). Then I ...
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The Q angle of the knee is different in men and women. Is this difference due to solely the width of the pelvis?

In men and women, the Q angle is different. Typically, for men, the angle is around 12° while, for women, the angle Q angle is 17°. As you can see from this image, if you were to connect the lines to ...
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Cause of distal convergence in anterior teeth

In anterior teeth, the distal side of the incisal edge is more curved than the mesial side. Furthermore, the incisal edge slopes distally, and the cingulum twists towards the distal side. Why does ...
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When did the physicians realize that knowledge of internal anatomy can help in healing the patient?

When did the physicians realize that knowledge of internal anatomy can help in healing the patient? I know that human dissections were rare until 15-16c. But there were earlier cultures like the ...
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What are the names of surgical instruments?

My questions Please tell me the names of scissors (1) and (2) of the following figure. Please also refer to the differences in characteristics of (1) and (2) for the case when we use ...
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What's the relationship between thyrohyoid membrane and medial thyrohyoid ligament? Are they distinct structures or are fused together?

I'm studying the anatomy of the larynx and I can't understand If larynx ligaments such as medial or lateral thyrohyoid ligaments are fused with the membrane or not.
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Correlation between Lumbar Lordosis and shoulder girdle

Is it true that an increase in lumbar lordosis causes more posterior displacement of the shoulders (arms) and greater retraction of the scapulae? And vice versa: Is it true that retraction of the ...
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Where to Download Brain Anatomy 3D Model?

I am doing a virtual reality simulation for endoscopic brain surgery. I need a medically accurate 3D model of a human head. It has to include all the veins, skull, muscles, nerves and brain anatomy. ...
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