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Is it actually possible to cut off someone's hand?

In Punisher MAX (a comic book) a character's hand is sliced off in a single swing (seen here - warning graphic content). Is this actually possible for a human to accomplish this? If so how much force ...
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Emergency Field Amputation in a Last Resort Scenario

How would it go down to give the victim the best chance of surviving if it was absolutely necessary to perform an amputation in the field. I have read multiple articles that say that cauterizing is ...
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Why aren't leg amputations usually done right at the knee joint? (turkey leg style)

I've noticed that leg amputations aren't usually done right at the knee joint. Instead, it seems like leg amputations are often done further up the leg -- up on the thigh bone. As someone who knows ...
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Fifth ray amputation/resection - what does rehabilitation look like?

I'm doing a bit of research for a story. A character loses their little finger including the metacarpal bone, so the left edge of the palm of the hand goes too. The wound is "healed" with ...
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Why can't you wash an amputated finger

While taking first-aid classes I realized that you cannot wash an amputated finger. Does anyone know why is that? Will it induce more damages? And why should we rinse a knocked-out tooth then?
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At what speed would an average adult human male bleed out, if their arm was amputated?

I'm not sure what unit of measurement to ask this question in, but I suppose that pints per second would be the right way to think of things. Currently writing a short story and i'd like to add some ...
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What Health Concerns Would a Quadruple Amputee Have?

What, if any, health issues would a person missing all four limbs to some degree have to worry about? What if they're a woman and want to have kids, what do they need to look out for?
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Penile glans amputation

A 14year old boy's penis was cut off distally at the glans during circumcision. The piece of the glans was not stored in ice but the boy was immediately send to hospital with a piece to be re-attached....
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Are maggots still used in traditional medicine to eat away the dead-skin (necrosis) when a patient has gangrene and needs an amputation?

Are maggots still used in traditional medicine to eat away the dead-skin (necrosis) when a patient has gangrene and needs an amputation? Is it effective? Where do they keep the maggots? Or do they ...