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Amino acid data - 101 for beginners

I am a data analyst who received amino acid data from lab to transform them into a form suitable for analysis. What I would like to check with you is check whether the below terms mean the same? For ...
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How to distinguish between PKU and MSUD in a clinical case question?

This question was asked in a medicine quiz I was participating in. An 8-day-old boy is brought to the physician by his mother because of vomiting and poor feeding. The pregnancy was uncomplicated, ...
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Determining levels of Phenylalanine in common foods

As a result from my recent concerns regarding Phenylketonuria, I would like to ask the community: Where can I find the quantities of Phenylalanine in common nutritional items such as milk, eggs, ...
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Is it possible to measure L-cysteine amino acid levels in the body?

The supplement N-ACETYL CYSTEINE (NAC) is increasingly popular among patients suffering from the mental and physical issues NAC claims to improve. However, the article also states "it is found in ...
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Why do legumes + grains make 'complete proteins'?

I've heard a thousand times that legumes themselves are "incomplete proteins", meaning they are deficient in some amino acid, so it is beneficial to combine them with grains, which have the amino acid ...
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Lacto Vegetarian sources of BCAAs - Branch Chain Amino Acids?

What are lacto-vegetarian sources of BCAAs? Can consume the following: Dairy based - Work for lacto - veg Honey Plant based - Work for Vegans as well No: No eggs or animal / meat/ fish
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Collagen: An interesting food supplement or an unnecessary one?

It's becoming quite usual that people older than ¿30-40? years old complement their diet with collagen for bones and specially articulations-related issues. I know some of them which use it as a ...
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What are the most likely essential amino acids to be deficient in a vegan diet?

What are the most likely essential amino acids to be deficient in a vegan diet? Where to find them?
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