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Alternative sources of iodine for radiation emergency

One approach to reduce long-term health effects from a nuclear radiation emergency is to take potassium iodine. The typical dosage is 130 mg daily. As the need for iodine pills is very rare and their ...
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Can cannabidiol help on Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Spanish doctor Mariano Garcia de Palau, aseverates in a cannabic website, childs with autism experiment improvements derived from the consume of non psychoactive compund of Cannabis, Cannabidiol (CBD)....
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Did Gary Taubes prove that cholesterol levels between 200 mg/dl and 240 mg/dl are normal and healthy?

I am now holding the original, Polish edition book called "The Hidden Therapies - What your doctor won't tell you" authored by Jerzy Zięba, who is widely considered to be a quack by medical ...
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What are these perfectly circular red shapes on the back of that person?

I am now living in Korea and have seen regularly these circular red shapes on the back of Korean people. Here is a picture. Sorry for the low quality, it is difficult for me to take a picture of ...
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Is Ayurveda treatment effective for modern diseases? [closed]

Ayurveda is an ancient treatment from India which is 3000 years old, based on experience and observation. Is Ayurveda good against modern diseases like tuberculosis, cancer etc?
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