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Hair-loss from the scalp or elsewhere, which can occur in men, women, and children.

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What is the best treatment which has actually worked for alopecia aerata

I have seen lots of youtube videos which has confused me a lot and it looks like all of them are lying, I have not seen anybody before and after the experience. What is the best treatment which has ...
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How exactly does induced Scalp Hypothermia prevent alopecia (hair loss) during chemo therapy?

Recent studies 1 of women getting chemo for early-stage breast cancer have found that at least half of the women using one of these newer devices lost less than half of their hair. 2 Scalp ...
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Is length a cause of alopecia?

I'm male and I have a long hair. But some people warned me and told me that having long hair makes it more likely to fall. Nothing I found on the internet really convinced me. Is it a real cause or ...
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Hair transplant for baldness

I am 24 I am getting very low density in my hair .. I tried min oxidil and finasteride and all .. I am genetically have that baldness history . can I prevnt my baldness or can I do hair transplant ? ...
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How can one measure if vitamins are really helping a patient to delay hair loss?

(Inspired by an answer to a different question on a related topic.) I'm guessing there would have to be a period to measure the current rate of hair loss before making changes on current diet and ...
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Natural ways to stop/delay hairloss?

I'm 28, male, and the hair above my forehead started to fall about 2 years ago and my scalp is finally starting to shine out. I believe this has to do with genetics etc. but still, are there any ...
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