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What is the difference between eczema and urticaria?

What is the difference between eczema and urticaria? I want to know the pathophysiology and most common causes to understand why they are different !
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1 answer

Can you cure an allergy by repeatedly consuming the allergen?

I've been reading about immunotherapy, and in particular, allergy drops. My understanding is that by taking small amounts of an allergen by any route of administration, you restore tolerance to that ...
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1 answer

What is Immunotherapy for cancers?

I have heard a lot about immunotherapy in the last 2 years. It is not used in many countries and is still under testing. What is immunotherapy? (I need a simple explanation, I am not a doctor) How ...
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0 answers

Can amphetamines suppress reactivity to scratch testing (for immunotherapy)?

My understanding's that amphetamines are immunosuppressive... Theoretically, couldn't these drugs result in false negatives?
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Is their a way to train my body out of being allergic (to pollen)?

Disclaimer: if this is off-topic here, just let me know. This seemed like the right SE to ask it on. I get pretty bad hay fever in the spring/summer. Running nose, itching eyes, the whole thing. I ...