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(Re)Using HEPA filters at a Convention [closed]

We were planning to bring residential HEPA filters to a convention to reduce potential viral load. However, the filters are rated for 3-6 months, and it seems wasteful to discard the filters after a ...
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Which is more harmful, high CO2 indoor or PM2.5 outdoor

Smoke has enveloped the outdoors in my area, the pm2.5 in the area is high, currently at levels categorized as very unhealthy AQI 201-300. I don't have many indoor plants so the CO2 level inside is ...
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Can HEPA air purifiers release allergens when particles inside the filter decompose / break apart?

The smallest of pollen grains (~0.6 microns) and other allergens should be trapped by a HEPA filter, however what happens when these decay / break apart? Is the allergen the whole pollen grain or are ...
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What are the pros and cons of various negative ion generators for health benefits?

I've come across quite a few in my research but I'm hoping to hear from someone who's had more experience. I work with computers and digital displays in my room that leave cations in the air (and I'm ...
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