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Vertical from defibrillation

I'm a library employee and just had to take a 1-hour CPR training this morning on how to properly do chest compressions and use the defibrillator. The instructor said that you stand back when the ...
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Are defibrillator leads actually clashed against each other?

In movies or television, the doctor gets giant heavy clothing iron sized leads. Clashes them together and uses them on the patient that has a flat lined heart and after doing it 1 times per second ...
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1 vote
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Defibrillator from China

I would like to have defibrillator in my summerhouse, but I found that it cost a lot (1000USD) and it is overpraised since it contains almost nothing inside. I decided to look for one in China online ...
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What conditions will the application of an AED enable a person in cardiac shock to obtain to normal heart rhythm

While this always depends in practice on the person's health and internal characteristics, in general what conditions would an AED or defibrillator solely used actually enable normal heart rhythm ...
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