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Does Mirena IUD help with acne control too? Is it safe to take concurrently with Accutane?

If one to use the Mirena IUD contraceptive, will it help with acne control too? Or should I take something separate for that? I'm due to see my dermatologist in awhile about starting Accutane, but ...
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1 answer

Why are multiple courses of isotretinoin necessary to treat acne?

The following guidances don't detail why multiple courses are more efficacious? Aug 21 2019 PRODUCT MONOGRAPH on Accutane, Hoffmann-La Roche Limited, p. 13 of 36. Effects of multiple courses of ...
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Is there any alternative to Accutane for acne treatment?

I have had acne for 4 years straight and it has been getting worse and worse, ever since. I've tried every trick in the book: Tea tree oil Benzoyl Peroxide Retin A (0.025%; 0.05%; 0.1%) ...
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When do you stop Minocycline/Spirnolactone prior to start of Accutane?

I will be meeting with my Dermatologist to start on Accutane Sept. 16. She is on vacation now so I cannot contact her, but she mentioned that before I start Acutane that I need to stop taking my ...