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Fluid in lungs from pressure during bowel movement? [closed]

One of my relatives is admitted in the hospital because he got infected with COVID. And yesterday, his lungs had fluid in them because he exerted pressure during defecation. How is this possible? ...
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Can any external stents (or something like this) be used to solve aorto-venous conflict (May-Thurner syndrome)?

Is there can be used any external stents or something like this to solve aorto-venous conflict (May-Thurner syndrome) or Nutcracker syndrome? For example, a stent consisting of ...
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Where are good abdominal places for measuring SO2 and heart rate via reflective pulse oximeter?

I'm trying to develop a belt (wearable device) from which I could measure belly stretch (exhalation, inhalation), heart pulse frequency and blood oxygen saturation data via optical EKG (reflective ...
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Is there ever a time when an appendicitis is not an emergency? Could it explain chronic pain in lower abdomen/pelvis?

Is there ever a time when an appendicitis is not an emergency? Whenever I think of an appendicitis, I always envision it potentially bursting, warranting a swift appendectomy. But is that always the ...
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What happened to all the centers for hiatus hernia?

I have been doing much research for years on the esophageal hiatal hernia. I found exactly one paper on-line (from the US military, I believe, I cannot relocate it) that mentioned in passing that ...
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Correlation between pre-pregnancy training level of abdominal muscles and the risk of getting diastasis recti

Is there any evidence that (very) strong or (very) weak abdominal muscles before becoming pregnant increases or decreases the risk of developing diastasis recti during pregnancy? If so, what are the ...
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What are the health detriments to holding in a fart if any?

Does the temporary build-up of air cause any damage, short or long term, or health concerns? I've heard from relatives that excessive holding-in can damage the intestines, but I'm not sure if that's ...
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What is the correct first aid procedure for treating abdominal gunshot wounds?

There is surprisingly little information on this topic available, considering that gunshot wounds to the abdomen are as almost as common as to the chest. I had read somewhere that applying an Israeli ...
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