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3 answers

What are the effects of smoking in the first week of pregnancy?

If I'm 1 week pregnant and I've been smoking everyday since then how did that effect the fetus? And if there's like any damage how can i fix my mistake? 😁😕👀
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1 vote
3 answers

Can a pregnant woman travel 30 minutes when she is only 10 days pregnant?

If a woman is pregnant for only a week after she misses her period, can she travel 10 to 15 kilometers (6.2 to 9.3mi) in a car? Will travelling 10 kilometers affect the embryo?
3 votes
1 answer

Any risk to the fetus if alcohol consumption in only 1~2 month's pregnancy

I didn't know I have been pregnant for one month (to be exact, the last time I had sex with my husband was about 40 days ago). Just a few days ago, I found my menstruation stoped and after medical ...
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Which of these things is needed for a first time pregnancy checkup?

My wife and I are now expecting our first child. She is 4 weeks and 7 days at the time of writing this. We are both under 30. I currently live in Dubai where I am British Expat and medical costing is ...