The other night, I was getting ready to wind up work and leave for home. I was feeling terribly hungry. But there was no food available nearby and it would be at least an hour before I got home. So, to curb my hunger pangs I drank some water before my hunger subsided somewhat. It was enough to keep me going till I got home. Is it the right thing to drink water when you are feeling extremely hungry (assuming that there is no food available nearby) ?

If not, what should I have done to curb my hunger pangs?

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gulping water is good for health but when ur hungry and having water will keep your stomach full for some time. If possible carry a fruit/chocolate/ biscuits with you to eat coz it will give you more bliss than having water 😀

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    It would be more appreciative if you could add a reference backing up your answer.
    – Prince
    Nov 4, 2016 at 12:29

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