Okay, I've almost won my war. The battle, its almost won... However, I must still claim victory in my final battle. The battle against the little enemies, the ones that have fought with my blade of benzoyl peroxide every single day.


Through spot treatments I have been able to fell every single one of these spots, but only the ones on my face. I've been using a spot treatment with benzoyl peroxide in, which has worked really well for me. However, my issue comes here:

There are spots underneath my skin, I think. The areas where they come through are a bit red.

So, because there is still slightly red skin on my face, and I think this is causing my acne to constantly return. I need to stop this, and end my war once and for all.

What I've tried

  • Washing my face with a rag and sponge every day, three times a day

  • Changing my pillow case every day

  • Using a benzoyl peroxide spot treatment

  • Minimizing how much I touch my face

  • Not interfering with the spots with my fingers, not picking at them, not playing with them. Just letting spot creams eradicate them.


Seriously, this driving me up the wall. I spot cream in the evening, by the time tomorrow has ended and its time for a shower, they've all come back. Its like they're coming in waves, damn waves! I must put an end to this.

So, how can I prevent acne from coming back within the space of a single school day? How can I get rid of these once and for all? What types of measures could I try? I have no reason to visit my doctor, its only acne, but I have no idea what I can try now.

Is there even a point in me trying? I acknowledge that I am a teenager, but no others that I know seem to have acne/spots like I do.

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Currently, the only real way to "get rid of acne once and for all" is through the use of the prescription medication isotretinoin. It works to reduce sebum production and thusly decreases the incidence of new spots.

Warning: It's a serious medication with serious side effects -- for me most notably it was severely dry skin on every inch of my body. I've also personally done 2 rounds, as the dosage on the first go was not high enough to achieve desired (permanent) effects. Having said that, after the second course of treatment my skin improved dramatically and I only get a rare tiny pimple or two each month. It was (and can be) life-changing.

Do your resarch and speak with a doctor about options available to you specific to your personal skin situation.

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