I have several unsightly scabs in prominent places (handful on face and a couple on arms and hands, but a rather large one on my knee) due to minor cuts I sustained from last weekend's yard work. What are effective and safe treatments to speed up the healing process of unsightly scabs?

I know the best thing is to not touch it, keep it clean, etc. (scabs are a sign that the wound is healing), and it'll go away eventually -- but is there a way to speed up that process? These scabs are very noticeable (face, hello!), and I have quite a big presentation at work in a mere 5 days, and I want to look as profession as possible (obviously), and will be wearing a dress, which will reveal the huge scab on my knee.

  1. Does aloe-vera, typically used for sunburns, help with the healing process of scabs? Is aloe-vera supposed to be kept refrigerated by the way?
  2. I put an antibiodic-cream on the scab (to make sure it's clean), but I'm not sure if I should continue doing this or if I'm just interfering with the process?
  3. I read that topical gels that contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid may induce the skin repairing process, but I'm worried it might just dry it out and make it last longer. What are common household items that would be composed of these ingredients?
  4. Are there home remedies that are worth trying? I already know of the warm-compress, but was wondering if there were more...

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