Yesterday, I thought I had went to the hospital for a CT-scan, but apparently my appointment was for a bone-scan (ordered by my orthopedic surgeon, who focuses on ankles).

I was redirected to the Nuclear-Medicine Department, and was first injected with a nuclear dye, and asked to come back several hours later. I was then handed with an official document for me to hand to any personnel or authority at a border crossing/airport since the radiation inside me would trigger nuclear alarms/triggers (had no idea that this existed). Then after the dye was dispersed throughout my body several hours later, I returned, and they put me in a machine (I think it was labelled SCENE) and it supposedly took images of my bones.

1. How does the nuclear dye improve the quality of the images that they acquired?

2.How is a bone-scan any better than a CT-scan? Is it a new technology?

3.What purposes does it fulfill? (I had x-rays for the Dr. 3 weeks prior, and I have arthritis, but why would a bone-scan be necessary)?


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