I have cystic acne... and I'm 29. It's not all that fun.

I'm trying to be optimistic since no matter what I do I can't get rid of it. So... Are there any benefits to having acne? (I'm reaching for the stars, I know, but a girl has got to try to see the silver-lining!)

For instance:

1. Does the oil act as a lubricant to prevent "razor-burn" when shaving?

2. Does the oil prevent dandruff?

3. Will all this oil cause my skin to look more "youthful" in the future, i.e. I won't have as much wrinkles?

4. Will it delay the process of skin-sagging, and keep it taut for longer?


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According to this study 1 those of us with oily skin may have less forehead wrinkles.

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