I am starting to get a little concerned about something. I haven't felt truly hungry in a few years. I just eat because after a day or two of not eating I feel like the nutrients are necessary for my body, but it's not because I'm hungry.

Just a little background I am in my early-mid 20's and 20-25 pounds overweight depending on the day.

I have looked into this a little and a lot of the cases I have found are usually associated with going through a recent event that causes severe sadness or even depression. However, I haven't really felt sad or depressed, so unless I am experiencing a more subtle form of depression/sadness I am guessing my problem is dietary.

In terms of what it feels like: it's like I always have a partially digested meal in my body even after a few days or not eating. I am by no means well educated in this field, but the only two things I could think of are that either my metabolism is extremely slow, or that there is just something "clogging" my system.

I am just looking for some possible explanations and solutions to what might be causing this.

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    Personal medical questions are considered off topic, and there are too many considerations to likely get a good answer here. A simple abdominal exam could reveal a lot, so I recommend going to your primary care provider or a clinic. – Atl LED Sep 25 '15 at 12:43

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