My wife often has menstrual pains that knock her down for 1-2 days every month. She uses heat packs to make it bearable.

I saw an infrared light on special offer earlier today and considering buying it for her to see if it helps. Wondering if that helps. Vendors don't mention it specifically as a way to use it. Some sites suggest it's a way to use an infrared light. Other sights talking about menstrual pain specifically rarely seem to mention infrared light therapy as an option. So, I'm getting mixed signals.

Going slightly more fundamental, I believe menstrual pain is caused by cramps (uterine muscle contractions) and in some cases inflammation. Both muscle pains and inflammation are said to be relieved by infrared light therapy.

Would appreciate any comments to indicate this working, or not.


I think that red light therapy can help in this case. The idea behind red light therapy for pain is that red light penetrates the skin without cutting it. There is evidence that red light stimulates mitochondrial functioning. The mitochondria is the part of the cell that stimulates healing and produces protein and collagen You can read more about this method here: https://paindoctor.com/red-light-therapy-for-pain/ and here http://lighttherapyaz.com/red-light-therapy-reviews/lightstim-reviews/ Hope it helps your wife!

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    Welcome to Health.SE, Wendy. This site works different to most Q&A’s, as we expect claims to be backed up with references. One’s Health is a delicate issue, and we had too mc h spam here. These references of yours are not reliable. It would be great if you could find studies supporting your claim and edit your answer. – Narusan Sep 27 '17 at 13:56

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